Should I tear out all of my cabinetry?

Answer: If the existing cabinets are structurally sound and the layout can not be changed, it may be more economical to refurbish or redoor the cabinetry.

What countertop material is the best today?

Answer: Quartz or granite has the biggest bang for the buck when you factor in wearability and ease of maintenance.

When looking for a cabinetry brand, what features are important?

Answer: Quality and thickness of material, quality of finish, shipping – are they boxed and how many times will they be transferred to a different truck.

If my kitchen or bathroom is dark, what is the best way to lighten it up?

Answer: Improve the lighting, then you are not forced to pick out light washed colors.

What should be considered when picking out flooring?

Answer: The amount of tearout of old flooring is one of the greatest parts of the expense. Traffic patterns. The type of feet on furniture. The type of shoes worn in the room. When do you expect to replace it.

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